Training: Expertise in the following Microsoft Office Suite 2013 applications:  Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint. Consider the time spent on figuring out how to complete a project within a given deadline the cost saved by a visit from an expert in these applications so that your workforce can focus on more important matters.

Professional PowerPoint Presentations: Making an impact with your message, designing a presentation the focuses on your audience’s message, maximizing your audience’s attention and delivering results.

Web Site design: The benefits having knowing that a person who you hired can be a go-between you and the designer knowing that your objective for your message is clearly defined. Not having to concern yourself with having knowledge of knowing programing languages, design limitations, costs and web page structure.

Tech support for your home office: It is comfort to able to call a person who can perhaps solve a technical issue or find the source to help you solve the problem yourself. Having a home office since 1988 my experience of using technology base solutions for the home office can be very different then what we might find in a small office environment. Just a simple idea of using DSL over cable or wireless security can be a challenging task for someone who is just starting out.

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